I’m a Wedding Photographer

I’m Mark, lead photographer at Gold Hat Photography. I absolutely love shooting weddings. No other day contains so much love, laughter and tears than the day you say I do.

I live in Sydney but travel a lot, allowing me to shoot weddings around the world each year. In 2017 I will be covering weddings in Auckland, Queenstown, Bali, Stockholm, Montreal, Malaga, Sri Lanka and London.

If you are getting married overseas, I would love to hear from you.

Destination Wedding Photographer

I approach each wedding with fresh eyes, ready to capture real moments and raw emotion, as candidly as possible to create something truly unique.

My style is Candid, Creative and Modern.

Candid because I want to use natural wedding photography to capture real moments as they unfurl, so you can relive everything you missed.

Creative because I want all your photos to be unique, telling your wedding story in a way that is imaginative and interesting.

Modern because I want your photos to look as good in 10 years time as they do today, so your children can enjoy them with you.

On this site you’ll find a small selection of my favourite images from recent weddings I’ve shot. I only choose a handful of photos to display, but deliver hundreds more to each client. If you’re interested to see the photos from an entire wedding, I’d be happy to share a gallery with you.

Here are some random facts about me:

  • I’m half English, half Japanese. I’m possibly the tallest half Japanese you’ll ever meet.
  • I grew up in Nottingham in the UK. Nottingham is famous for Robin Hood and Paul Smith.
  • I was famous in Japan for 1 year after starring in a prime time tv drama. My acting sucked!
  • My mum served the Beatles on a JAL flight in the 1960s. We have a signed photo on the wall at home.
  • I’m the Grounds of Alexandria’s recommended wedding photographer – here’s 12 things I love about Grounds of Alexandria Weddings.
  • I lived in Paris for 1 year; Tokyo for 7; and now Sydney for 8. I miss the UK!
  • We have two little boys – Leo and Harry. Harry’s already been backpacking around Europe!
  • I love being outdoors. In fact, most of my favourite wedding photography locations are outside.
  • I run a site for photographers called Shotkit. I love camera gear!

Now you know a little about me, I’d love to hear about you and your wedding plans. When we meet I may even bring one of my business partners along wth me (see below).

Click here to get in touch with me today.