Grounds of Alexandria Wedding

October 29, 2015

It’s been a while since I’ve shot a wedding at The Grounds of Alexandria. I always feel welcome there, surrounded by the familiar faces of the staff who do such a great job keeping the place running. This was to be the first of many Grounds of Alexandria weddings coming up this season…

If there’s one thing I love about wedding photography, it’s capturing the mum and dad’s expression when they see their daughter as a bride for the first time. As they break into a smile, their eyes start to well up with emotion, a mixture of pride, nostalgia, love and perhaps even a bit of sorrow. It’s truly priceless – a once in a lifetime moment, and I’m so privileged to witness it again and again.

I love the look on Linda’s dad’s face as he walks in the room to see his daughter looking stunning in her wedding dress. Or the look in her mum’s eyes as she watches Linda pin the boutonniere on dad’s jacket.

Nothing was staged – it never is. Just real, natural, candid emotion that’s on show for a couple of seconds then vanishes. It’s my job to capture these beautiful moments.

I enjoyed every second of Linda and Alex’s wedding. It was one of those where I looked at my watch at night and I realised I’d been there way too long… but I stuck around a bit more anyway. Sometimes everything just clicks. Here’s a very small selection of my favourite images from this awesome Grounds of Alexandria Wedding.


Proud father sees bride for first time

Grounds of Alexandria Wedding