Relaxed Wedding Elopement at Norries Head, Cabarita

August 4, 2021

You’ve gotta love the simplicity of a wedding elopement – just the bride, groom, celebrant and photographer. None of the stress of your usual big wedding bonanza, with the hundreds of guests to feed and vendors to organise…

Andy and Nikkie are every wedding photographer’s dream couple. Not only did they choose to get married at one of the best outdoor locations on the Tweed Coast (Norrie’s Head in Cabarita), but they’ve also got that spark more typical of a loved-up couple who’ve only just met… except they’ve been together for over 2 years! 🥰✨🥰

(Some of these photos may look like they’ve been posed, but I can assure you they haven’t – it’s just the power of love!! 🎶)

The day started at Instagram’s favourite Tweed Coast luxury resort, Halcyon House, with Andy watching as Nikkie put the finishing touches on her wedding getup.

A quick beer at Paper Daisy and a few snaps later and we were climbing up Norries headland for the first and only formality of the day – the wedding ceremony!

One efficient celebrant later, and Andy & Nikkie’s vows and first kiss had been live-streamed to family and friends in the UK before all ‘guests’ had to finish off their breakfast and get back to work in lockdown 😁

After a quick pit stop at the local chippie, we were back on Norries Head, fighting the ‘crowds’ ( < 10 people) for a spot to witness the famous Cabarita sunset.

Wedding photos check.

Drone photos check.

Wedding elopements are the way to go!