Middle Head Engagement

April 23, 2016

Jess and Ben booked me for a pre wedding photography session a few months ago. Despite a relatively dry summer, each day we chose to head out for the photo shoot, we had to cancel due to torrential rain…

Finally last weekend we thought we had the weather on our side and met up at Middle Head… only to be greeted by a sudden downpour! Not accepting defeat, we chose to try our luck during a gap in the rain and headed off to the cliffside spot where Ben had proposed to Jess last year.

We didn’t have much daylight left in the day, but what we did have was a stormy backdrop and the perfect cliffside setting for champagne and Jess’ mum’s homemade cupcakes. Well worth the wait!

Even if you have no plans to get married, engagement photography sessions are a fun opportunity to have a special time in your life documented. They are included in my new Wedding Collections – contact me if you’d like to learn more.


pre wedding photography

pre wedding photography

pre wedding photography