Hawkesbury Houseboat Weekend

January 5, 2013

I don’t think I’ve told so many lies in my whole life! Keeping a surprise party a surprise requires a lot of porkies…

It all started on Friday night while Elissa was out for a meal with work. I was left to hurriedly buy all the alcohol for 13 people and a weekend of revelry on the Hawkesbury River, then pick up El and Nim (sister & boyf) who’d just flown in from the Gold Coast. Then we lay in wait for Elissa to return – lay, quite literally, with Nim in the bed in place of me, ready to give poor Elissa the first surprise of the weekend!

Then the next day, the guise was that the 4 of us were going camping. The 1 hour car journey to Wiseman’s Ferry was quite stressful, as we fended off question after question with a fabricated story that was barely holding water… and then we stepped on the boat…

SURPRISE! 12 screaming friends, 1 excited dog and a melting birthday cake later, the houseboat weekend set sail!