The Grounds with a Hint of Asian Spice

February 7, 2015

I met Kat and Steve about a year ago over a drink in Erskineville and we hit it off immediately. They’re the kind of couple that by the end of the conversation, I felt like saying, “even if you don’t book me, I’d love to hang out with you guys again!” I feel genuinely lucky when I get to work with people that feel more like my friends than ‘clients’.

One engagement session and some emails later, the big day was upon us and I was keen to create some really original photos for them. I’m hired a lot for Grounds of Alexandria weddings, so I always try and make sure the photos are different from the previous time.

Luckily, to help me out with some fresh and original pics, Kat and Steve had a surprise up their sleeve in the form of a loud and colourful Chinese lion dance troupe, which descended on the Grounds in a frenzy of red and gold.

I was really touched by the fact that Steve came to talk to me several times during his big day to check if I was having a good time, whether I’d eaten enough, how I was… what a nice bloke! Meanwhile, Kat looked stunning in her dress, and got stuck into the crazy dancing at the end to party her way happily into married life 🙂
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Congratulations Kat & Steve!

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We really appreciated your professionalism and just having you there on the day – you made us very relaxed with your photography style and especially your humour. And it has been great getting to know you during this whole process – you definitely made us feel comfortable and not like we were “just another job”. All our guests commented on how professional you were and they can’t wait to see the images. 

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