Melbourne Wedding

January 4, 2014

Kirby is one of my girlfriend’s closest friends. According to her, Kirby is “hilarious, kind and makes everyone happy!” I’d already met Kirby a few times before and love her goofy personality and warmth, and was excited to try and capture this in my photos at her wedding.

Kirby also happens to be the most laid back bride I’ve ever worked with! She even managed to keep her cool when the zip on her wedding dress broke – if you’ve ever wondered how many bridesmaids it takes to fix a zip, you’ll soon find out…

Hailing from the UK, Bean (Jonathan) is Kirby’s perfect match – absolutely hilarious, kind and warm-hearted. I’ve also never met anyone who can handle an enormous hangover so well, even on his wedding day! It seems when Bean drinks, he doesn’t do it by halves, and much of the reception revolved around drunken tales of Bean’s sleep walking antics and the ensuing comedy…

The ceremony and reception took place at Emu Bottom Homestead, a historic farmhouse just north of Melbourne. I hope you enjoy this small selection of photos.

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“OMG they look awesome! They are perfect! I love them. There are so many amazing shots!”

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