Natural Wedding Photography

February 25, 2017

For the majority of time I like to focus on natural wedding photography – candid, fly-on-the-wall style photojournalistic shooting to capture moments as they occur.

My goal is to make the viewer feel as if they’re there in the photo, actually experiencing the moment for themselves.

It’s these natural wedding photos that your children will one day look back on to experience all the joy, laughter and tears of their mum and dad’s special day for themselves.


Natural wedding photography includes trying to capture as many moments that occur without any intervention from me.

Natural Wedding Photographer - Groom cries at wedding

I’ll be sneaking around your wedding like a 6ft 4″ ninja, trying my best to get candid moments of raw emotion that you’ll probably be too busy to notice.


It’s these magic moments that make every wedding so exciting and emotional, and every second absolutely unrepeatable.


Natural wedding photography can lead to powerful, poignant images that mean more to you than any other photo from your wedding day.


Natural Wedding Photography vs Structured Moments


beautiful photo of newly weds under fairy lights at their wedding

If you take a look through my Portfolio, you’ll notice that a lot of the photos are portraits.

Some are naturally posed, some are not, but they are usually focused on a certain stylistic aspect to create something that is visually appealing.

the be mind sign at the Grounds of Alexandria

In these photos I have intervened in whatever small way, such as directing the couple to a particular location, into great light, or occasionally helped with a natural looking pose.

beautiful image of queenstown lakes and mountains with newly wedswedding

Once the couple looks great stylistically, I wait for a natural moment to press the shutter button.

I call these ‘structured moments’, since I’ve provided a little structure for the natural moment to occur.

Whilst I show these photos in my portfolio, portraits such as these are actually only a very small percentage of my Wedding Photography coverage.

Instead I’ll be focusing on what I call magic moments.


Natural Wedding Photography and Magic Moments


Whilst it might be the epic portrait of you on a cliff edge that gets enlarged for your wall at home, it’s usually the ‘magic moment’ shots that are treasured for years to come.


That poignant photo of your normally tough dad with his eyes welling up with emotion at seeing his little girl in a wedding dress…


The hilarious photo of grandma on the dance-floor for the 10 seconds that her hips allow her…


That time during your wedding guest’s speech where she mistakedly says “finger” instead of “he loves her figure“…

hilarious wedding speech

The delicate photo of your ringed hand in your husband’s for the very first time… (Imagine how strange I must have looked taking this one!)


An intimate embrace on your wedding day with your new life partner that feels like you’re the only two people in the world…


The hugs of mums and dads who are so proud and emotional to be officially part of each others’ families.

emotional hugs on wedding day

A precious embrace with your 90 year old grandfather who left his hospital bed to don a suit and be there on the most important day of your life.

Bride with grandfather special moment

The newly-wed bride with her dad on the dance floor after the first dance when they think no one else is watching…


The look of emotion on your mum’s face as she realises her little girl is all grown up now, and that things will never be the same again…


The omg moment when your bridesmaid and closest childhood friend sees you in a wedding dress for the first time…


The moment you walk down the stairs and your dad sees his favourite girl in her wedding dress for the first time…

Natural Wedding Photography - Bride's father sees bride

The moment mum sees her once little-boy all dressed up and smart on his wedding day, about to make a real man of himself…

groom's mother hugs groom on wedding day

My goal is to capture the most natural looking wedding photography, and this is achieved by simply taking photos of the most natural moments on your wedding day.

bride's mother hugs bride

Then there’s the bride’s speech that is so powerful and touching that it rocks the hearts of every person in the room…

bridesmaids crying after wedding speech

Or the speech that’s incredibly poignant and nostalgic for just one person in the room…


Then there are of course the best man’s speech which has the goal of embarrassing the groom in front of all his closest friends and family!

groom is embarrassed at wedding speech

Or when your dad brings up a dubious story from your past that may or may not be 100% correct!


That moment when your favourite song comes on the dance floor and you think you’re in Ibiza again!…

crazy wedding dancefloor photos

The look of joy on grandma’s face as she knows she’s lived long enough to witness the happiest day in her daughter’s daughter’s life…


…or her daughter’s son’s life…

emotional grandma hugs groom

Every time I point my camera at an elderly VIP guest at your wedding, I have in the back of my mind that this could be the last photo of that special person that’s ever taken. I don’t take that responsibility lightly.


These are the photos that really bring you back to your wedding day, reminding you how you and your family and friends felt at that exact moment in time.

You’ll probably have missed most of them the first time around, so having a tangible record of them in a photo album is priceless.

This was just a small selection of my favourite natural wedding photos and magic moments that captured the laughter, surprise and tears, and give us a split second glimpse into your hearts. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

If you’d like to book a natural wedding photographer who documents moments rather than staging them, click here to get in touch with me today.