Travels in Portland

January 20, 2015

In January I made the decision to fly over 12,000kms across the world from Sydney to Portland OR to attend a photography conference called Mystic Seminars. Several succesful wedding photographers were to be speaking on their craft over 3 days, and I jumped at the chance to see them all at once. Several of them already feature on Shotkit, so I was keen to meet them in person.

I’ve travelled a fair bit in the US, but never as far north as Portland. Previously, my favourite city on the West Coast was San Francisco, but after a few days in Portland, I have a new no.1!

Portland’s gridded streets are lined with a great variety of local, independent stores selling quality brands I’d never heard of before. The cafes sell delicious, healthy food and apparently some of the best coffee too. The distinct lack of chain stores makes for some of the most interesting retail I’ve experienced, and zero sales tax meant that I was 7kgs over my luggage allowance – thanks for overlooking that, United!

As I was so overwhelmed with all the photography talk, I only took my camera out on the final day when some new friends (Robert, Sebastien, Kyle) took me out to Latourelle Falls at Cascade Locks. It was awesome to shoot in a group of other photographers, and this was actually the best part of Mystic Seminars – being able to socialise with so many likeminded photogs, becoming refreshed and reinspired. Now I feel super motivated to take on the 2015 wedding season! 😉

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