Grounds of Alexandria Wedding

January 1, 2014

My day started out in Bondi shooting the boys and the pet dog Frank. Unfortunately Frank couldn’t attend the wedding due to a busy social schedule of his own, but still agreed to don a bowtie for the group shots. Bondi at 3pm was sweltering, hence the guys’ boardie/bowtie combos, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t very happy to whizz over to an air conditioned room in the CBD to cover Rebecca’s preparations.

The sassy designer boutique QT Hotel offered some interesting props for an impromptu bridal shoot, which culminated in the hotel bar with Rebecca having a cheeky drink to calm her nerves. Rebecca has one of those incredible personalities that makes you feel like you’ve known her for ages, and was such fun to work with, up for anything and smiling constantly despite the absurd weight of her beautiful sequinned wedding gown!

The final stop for me on my hectic scooter tour of the Eastern suburbs was The Grounds of Alexandria, one of my favourite restaurants in Sydney, and somewhere I’d been looking forward to shooting at for quite some time. Whizzing through the traffic, I arrived in good time to take all the detail shots of the picturesque venue, have a word to Australia’s most infamous pig ‘Kevin Bacon’ to tell him to be on his best behaviour… and then it was time for a very emotional ceremony. Fun fact – 9/10 times it’s the groom who cries first at weddings!

After the ceremony and an awesome group photo of the entire wedding party, there was just enough daylight for the bridal photos before we tucked in to a delicious meal and listened to one of the funniest best man speeches I have ever heard! Then it was off to the dance floor where the first dance transitioned effortlessly to Daft Punk and the party started! It’s always great to cover a wedding where the guests are up for a boogie 🙂

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“Thank-you so so much for the photos. We don’t know what to say…you are a magician!!!! Both of us are lost for words…we have looked at them 20 times (at least) and not without a tear and amazement. It even made Ben’s dad cry (huge feat!)”

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