Us Sessions

December 11, 2016

The Us Session is a raw, unstructured and above all honest photo documentary of your day as a family. It is family photography reinvented.

If you’re looking for photos of your family standing¬†in a row, grinning at the camera in a sun drenched field, dressed in matching outfits, this isn’t for you!

However, if you’d like a creative photodocumentary-style visual record of your daily life as a family, for¬†you to¬†look back on in years to come to see how you all looked and behaved in real life, this is most definitely for you.

As a father of 2 little boys, I always wish there was someone there documenting every day’s precious moments. Those moments that mean nothing to anyone else, but everything to us. The morning cuddles, the laughs¬†at breakfast, the screams on the swings… ¬†even the tears¬†at nap time – I want to see how it looks as a picture.

I want to offer to other families what I consider to be the greatest gift, second only to experiencing each moment for yourself Рthat is the gift of a tangible, recorded memory of every fleeting, precious instant that makes up your life as a family.

For parents, the Us Session is a¬†personal, touching and beautiful record that you’ll cherish for years to come. When your children grow up, they’ll be able to see what a day looked like as part of¬†your family. They’ll be able to¬†see the love, laughs and tears of an actual day, without a¬†staged family photos in sight…

In 2017, I will be offering a maximum of 10 Us Sessions for families who are willing to let me in to their lives for one day, as a fly on the wall, to record what it is that makes your family so unique.

Take a look at the¬†recent photos I took¬†of my own family and you’ll know immediately if this¬†candid style of documenting is for you or not.

If you’re picturing yourself or your children in the photos, it’s time to get in touch ūüėČ

The Us Session is in my opinion the best photography investment you could ever make.

Commissions start from 2500. Enquire here for more information.