Wedding Photography Locations

March 21, 2016

Having shot so many weddings in Sydney, interstate and worldwide, I’ve come across lots of great wedding photography locations.

From lavish wedding halls to small and intimate backyard weddings, it’s not the wedding location but the people and the love that’s important at a wedding.

However, having a great location for wedding photography is a huge bonus. You’ll be left with a wide variety of wedding photos which to remember all the fun you had on your wedding day.

Incidentally, the photo above was taken in Maleny in Queensland. I’m also available for interstate or overseas destination wedding photography too – click here to enquire about your wedding date.


The Best Wedding Photography Locations in Sydney


Here’s a small selection of what I consider are the best wedding photography locations in Sydney (in no particular order).

I’ll be adding to the list as and when I find other great locations for wedding photography, so be sure to book mark the page for your wedding planning reference.

I’ve also included a few locations that I think would be awesome spots for wedding or engagement photography sessions. Click here to get in touch with me today if you’re feeling adventurous!


Wedding Photography Location #1 – The Grounds of Alexandria


Grounds of Alexandria Wedding

If you’re a fan of rustic, farmhouse styling but want to keep your wedding venue near the city, the Grounds of Alexandria is currently Sydney’s best choice in wedding photography location.

It also offers one of the most stunning outdoor atriums for your wedding ceremony or first dance under the twinkling fairy lights.

Grounds of Alexandria Wedding

I wrote a whole post about weddings at the Grounds of Alexandria as I enjoy shooting there so much!

I go into the reasons why I think it’s a great location for wedding photography, so take a look if you like the idea of getting married next to farm-yard animals!

Grounds of Alexandria Wedding


Wedding Photography Location #2 – Snapperman Beach


Palm Beach Wedding - Sydney wedding photography locations

A popular spot for beach wedding ceremonies in Sydney is Snapperman Beach at Snapperman’s Reserve on the Pittwater side of Palm Beach.

Palm Beach Wedding Photography

Wedding ceremonies usually take place in Lucinda Park, a small but sheltered grass area with the beach and water behind it. If you fancy some photos on the beach itself, it’s only a couple of metres walk.

Palm Beach Wedding Photography

If you’re looking for a beach feel to your wedding without getting sand on your shoes, Snapperman Beach is one of the best wedding photography locations, especially later in the day around sunset.


Wedding Photography Location #3 – Botanic Gardens


Sydney Botanic Gardens Wedding

I’m a big fan of outdoor wedding venues, especially for the wedding ceremony. The Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens offer huge variety as a location for wedding photography.

Being amongst the flowers and trees on your wedding day provides a relaxing location for you and your guests. Being around so much nature also lends well to my natural wedding photography style, giving you something else to focus on other than the camera.

Botanic Gardens Wedding Photography

There are so many popular spots in the Botanic Gardens for wedding ceremonies. Amongst those wedding photography locations I’ve used in the past are the Rose Garden Pavilion and Lawn with its beautiful flower beds; the Tarpeian Lawn and Bennelong Lawn with its amazing views over Sydney Harbour and the Opera House; the Eucalypt Lawn with its pleasant smells and harbour front views, and several more.

There are also some lesser-known spots in the Botanic Gardens that make for some original wedding photography locations.

Sydney Botanic Garden wedding photography

And yes, being such an iconic spot near to Sydney Harbour, the Botanic gardens can become a bit touristy, but if a Chinese tour bus happens to come past…

Chinese Tourists wedding photography

…let’s embrace the opportunity and have a bit of fun!

Chinese Tourists wedding photography

If you dig deeper into the Botanic Gardens, there are so many other wedding photography locations that we can take advantage of to give your wedding photos great variety.


Wedding Photography Location #4 – Centennial Park


Another great outdoor location for wedding photos is Centennial Park. I often use Centennial Park as a location for Sydney engagement photography too, since it provides such a beautiful backdrop for photos. It’s fun when the animals get involved too…

Centennial Park Photos

Thanks to the size of the parklands, there are so many great spots for wedding photography, all just 10 minutes from the Sydney CBD.

Centennial Park Photos

Wedding photography locations I’ve used in Centennial Park include Paper Bark Grove, the Rose Garden, the Lily Pond, the Duck Pond and Willow Pond.


Wedding Photography Location #5 – Palm Beach


Palm Beach Wedding Photography

The popular holiday location of Palm Beach in Sydney’s northern beaches offers some great locations for wedding photography.

Ceremonies and receptions commonly take place at The Boat House, Dunes or Moby Dick’s, but couples often love having their wedding photos taken on or close to Palm Beach itself.

Palm Beach Wedding Photography

Outdoor wedding ceremony venues include the Bible Gardens, with its expansive views over Whale Beach and the peninsular.

I must admit though that the Bible Gardens is a challenging spot for wedding photos, so if you’re planning to get married there, let’s have a chat first so we can maximise the opportunity for great photos.

Bible Gardens Wedding Photos

There’s also a little known spot close to the beachfront in Palm Beach that’s a great location for wedding photography called Wiltshire Park.

The towering trees and flowing river make a great background for photos and make you feel like you’re deep in the heart of a forest.

Wedding Photography Locations - Wiltshire Park


Wedding Photography Location #6 – Whale Beach


Palm Beach Wedding Photography

Whale Beach is a northern beachside suburb of Sydney offering some great locations for wedding photography.

Jonah’s restaurant in Whale Beach is a popular venue for wedding ceremonies and receptions, but for the best wedding photography locations I’d encourage you to head outside to Whale Beach itself.

Whale Beach Wedding Photography Location

Photos where you are small in comparison to the landscape often make great prints to get blown up for your walls at home. The vastness of Whale Beach allows for this kind of photo composition.

Bride and Groom with umbrella on Whale Beach

With your Wedding Collection, I provide a simple and convenient way to get any of your wedding photos printed or enlarged into canvases.

Click here to get in touch to learn more about albums, prints, canvases and the Wedding Collections I offer.


Wedding Photography Location #7 – Hunter Valley


Hunter Valley Wedding Photographer

The wineries and open green spaces of the Hunter Valley make an excellent location for wedding photography. Couples seem to love the feeling of being miles away from everything (and everyone), making their wedding seem private and intimate, despite being set in such a vast landscape.

Hunter Valley Wedding Photographer - Ironbark Hill Winery Wedding

There are so many locations for wedding photography in the Hunter Valley. Brides and grooms often prepare at one of the many hotels, spas or resorts in the area, then have their wedding ceremony and reception in one of the fantastic wineries.

Most recently I covered groom preparations at the lavish Crowne Plaza in Hunter Valley, and bride preparations at Pepper’s Convent, a gorgeous Victorian-style manor in Pokolbin.

Peppers Convent Hunter Valley Wedding

One of my favourite wedding venue locations in the Hunter Valley is Ironbark Hill, which provides a modern church, reception venue and winery for wedding photos.

Ironbark Hill Hunter Vallery Wedding Ceremony Church


Wedding Photography Location #8 – Sydney Opera House


Wedding Photography Location - Sydney Opera House Wedding

I’m yet to shoot a wedding at the Opera House (I have my fingers crossed!), but that doesn’t mean we can’t use it as a wedding photography location.

Living in Sydney, we often forget about these incredible landmarks that are so close to our daily lives. The Opera House may conjure up images of swarms of tourists, but if we go at the right time of day, we can capture some iconic wedding photos that you won’t see on Sydney post cards!


Wedding Photography Location #9 – Observatory Hill


Observatory Hill Wedding

If you’re looking for another iconic spot for your wedding ceremony, the Observatory Hill provides some of the best views of Sydney Harbour.

In my experience as a wedding photographer, Observatory Hill is a popular spot for weddings when many of the guests are coming from overseas. Providing them with such an unique view of Sydney city, the harbour and the Bridge will make their wedding day even more memorable.

Observatory Hill also offers many amazing trees for some interesting wedding photography.

Observatory Hill Wedding

As for wedding photography locations around Observatory Hill, how about we get a view of Sydney Harbour Bridge that you haven’t seen before?

Sydney Harbour Bridge Wedding Photography


Wedding Photography Location #10 – Lavender Bay


The most popular spot to get married in Lavender Bay is Clark Park, which offers some stunning views across Sydney Harbour from a high vantage point.

On a sunny day, there’s not a lot of shade, which doesn’t lend well to midday wedding photography, nor your comfort in the heat. That’s why when the ceremony is over, I like to lead couples to some nearby wedding photography locations.

One great photo spot is Wendy Whiteley’s Secret Garden, which provides some much needed shade, as well as some great plants and trees for backdrops.

Lavender Bay Wedding Photos

There’s also a small strip of sand by the water at Lavender Bay, which allows for some beach wedding photos with the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background.

Lavender Bay beach photo bridesmaids

Come nightfall, Lavender Bay also happens to be a great photo location to get a night portrait with the Sydney lights in the background.

Night portraits during your wedding day are also a great chance for you and your partner to catch a breather, away from the wedding reception craziness.

Sydney Harbour Night Wedding Photo


Wedding Photography Location #11 – Luna Park


Lunar Park Wedding Photos

Close to Lavender Bay is the iconic Luna Park, Sydney’s oldest amusement park. Although Luna Park is always busy on weekends, if you book ahead of time, it’s actually possible to reserve the rides just for your wedding party.

A ferris wheel or merry-go-round ride makes for an original and fun wedding photography location.

Lunar Park Wedding Photos

The board walk from Lavender Bay to Luna Park is also another great opportunity for wedding photos, especially after dark.

Luna Park wedding photography location


Wedding Photography Location #12 – Watsons Bay


Another great location for wedding photography with a slightly more sophisticated seaside vibe is the harbour-side eastern suburb of Watsons Bay.

I’ve shot wedding ceremonies and receptions at Dunbar House, which features a beautiful old fig tree outside its steps, and the Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel, featuring panoramic views of Sydney Harbour and some awesome beach themed umbrellas on the deck.

Watsons Bay Wedding Photography

If you’re feeling adventurous, Watsons Bay has some great wedding photography locations that are a little off the beaten track.

I advise my brides who are up for the challenge to bring along some flats, so we can walk up South Head towards the Hornsby Lighthouse.

Watsons Bay Sydney wedding photography location


Wedding Photography Location #13 – Bronte Beach


Bronte Beach Wedding Photo

Any of the fantastic beaches in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs would make great locations for wedding photography.

If you’d like a spacious wedding reception venue overlooking the beach, Bronte Beach offers perhaps the best option with the Bronte Reef Room.

As always, wedding photos look better outside, which is why we should take advantage of the beach and its adjacent park for your wedding photography locations.

Bronte Beach Wedding Photograpy

It’s also worth persuading the life guard if we can use his tower to add some quirkiness to your wedding photography!

Bronte Beach wedding photography


Wedding Photography Location #14 – Cockatoo Island


Cockatoo Island Wedding Photos

If you’re looking for one of the most original locations in Sydney for your wedding photography, look no further than Cockatoo Island.

This UNESCO world-heritage listed island situated in Sydney Harbour provides a unique backdrop of ship building machinery and industrial textures.

Cockatoo Island Wedding Photos

If you’re looking for something gritty and raw that provides an interesting contrast to the beauty of your wedding day, Cockatoo Island offers a look that’s quite unique.

Cockatoo Island wedding photography

Riding a water taxi from one of the many harbour-side wedding ceremony locations to Cockatoo Island for your wedding photography is a great option.


Wedding Photography Location #15 – Sydney Park


Sydney Park Wedding Photos

My studio is based in Alexandria, a stone’s throw away from Sydney Park. I’m a regular in the park, be it for weddings, engagement shoots or just for Park Run… although I’ve been a bit lazy recently!

Sydney Park Photography

Whilst Sydney Park offers some great views over the city, I’m a fan of the trees and small patches of woodland area that provide perfect shade from the midday sun for photography.

Sydney Park wedding photography

If you book a family photography session with me, there’s a good chance I’ll take you to Sydney Park too. If you haven’t worked it out yet, I love shooting outdoors surrounded by nature!

Tree bride groom


Wedding Photography Location #16 – The Blue Mountains


Blue Mountains Wedding Photography

As of this point, I’ve not shot any weddings in the Blue Mountains. However, I’d absolutely love to! If you’re getting married in the Blue Mountains, I’d love to be your wedding photographer – click here to get in touch with me.

Whilst I’ve never shot a wedding in the Blue Mountains, I’m familiar with the location as a tourist! I’ve been there many times to hike, to eat (Common Ground is my favourite cafe), or to stay for a weekend break.

Blue Mountains Wedding Photography

I can’t think of a more exciting wedding photography location than the walks of the Blue Mountains, with the waterfall and forest in the background.

The photos above were taken in Portland USA, but I imagine something similar for an engagement photo shoot in the Blue Mountains.

If you’re an avid walker, perhaps a pre wedding photography session in the Blue Mountains would also be a great idea.


Wedding Photography Location #17 – Shelly Beach


Wedding photography location

I lived in Manly for 6 months and fell in love with it. One of my favourite beaches in Manly is Shelly Beach, (which I swam to in the mornings with this swim squad).

The Boat House next to Shelly Beach is a fantastic location for wedding photography – again, I can only imagine, having not shot a wedding here yet. Perhaps you can be my first? Click here to get in touch with me today.


Wedding Photography Location #18 – Shark Island


This is another one on my bucket list of Sydney wedding photography locations! The ominous sounding Shark Island is an awesome location for weddings, with a 360 degree panoramic view of Sydney Harbour.

You and your guests can catch a ferry from Darling Harbour or Circular Quay, and arrive in style on a private boat to your private island for the day – how cool is that?! Here’s some more info on hiring Shark Island for your wedding.


I hope you enjoyed this list of Sydney wedding photography locations and will find it useful in planning your wedding.

If you’d like any more information or would like to enquire about wedding photography with Gold Hat Photography, click the button below. I look forward to hearing from you.


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